Need help finding better keywords to sell more ebooks?

If you have worked with me, you already know how important keywords are when setting up your book on any of the marketplaces.  Keywords determine how often your book shows up in each marketplace, so it’s vital that you take time and choose wisely!  This is one of the major reasons I advise my clients to avoid using 3rd party aggregators.

Amazon allows you to use up to 512 characters for your keywords,  so be sure to make full use of all the space they provide to fill your listing with relevant keywords.  Barnes & Noble only allows you to use up to 100 characters for your keywords, so be extra careful with that limited space they provide.

Here’s where you list your keywords in the back-end of your Kindle book listing:

There are two great tools I recommend you become familiar with as you get seek out relevant keywords; Google Insights & Netspeak.  There’s tons of great resources around the web on how to use Google Insights & Google will show you how when you visit their site. on the other hand has little documentation to go off, so I created this video walk-through to show you how I use NetSpeak to come up with keyword ideas for the titles I setup:

Let me know if you need my help in optimizing your marketplace (Amazon,BN,Apple,etc.) listing for you, I do charge a very small fee, but I’m confident that the resulting increased book sales will provide a quick return on investment (ROI).  Alternatively, you can attend our next webinar and learn to do it yourself.

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3 Responses to Need help finding better keywords to sell more ebooks?

  1. Colin Bell says:

    Thanks for a great post, the NetSpeak tool will come in really handy for keyword research not only for kindle publishing but general research.

  2. David Boyles says:

    Confusing and contradictory information on the Internet generally: some folks mention this total of “512 characters” for keywords; however, other sources say that a keyword phrase can only be 25 characters or less. Amazon lets an author do 7 (seven) keyword or keyword phrases. If my math is correct, 7 times 25 is 175 characters, which is far below this max of 512. So what is correct?

    • brian says:

      Dave, I'd limit any keyword phrases to 2-3 words max. It's not likely someone is going to be searching for phrases longer than that. You would have hit the exact way they typed the phrase for your book to come up. Contrary to what you might think – just because a keyword is in your keyword 'phrase' doesn't mean it's going to work for that keyword alone. So the limitation of 7 words is going to be the limiter before 512 characters ever will. Hope that helps, Brian

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